14 Month Update

Noah is now 14 months old. It’s hard to believe that my little 4 pound preemie who was off the charts small for the first couple months of his life is now 21 pounds! We are so grateful that he’s been such a healthy boy. He has been very fun these past couple months as he is becoming even more interactive, increasingly mobile and is developing a cute little personality. Here’s what he’s been up to lately:

New Milestone: Just in the last few days Noah has discovered how to get from his tummy up into a sitting position. This is great and one of the things he’s been working on in therapy. Go Noah! All that hard work is paying off. Except…he has also decided that bedtime is the perfect time to practice this new skill. The other night I kept going into his room and there he would be sitting up in his crib with a huge smile, so proud of himself!

Therapy: Noah is still doing PT with our amazing therapist once every other week in our home. In addition to this, he has started going to the gym at Boyer Children’s Clinic on the opposite weeks. We added this to help him become familiar with Boyer since he’ll be going there twice a week for developmental preschool when he turns 18 months. It’s also great to give him the opportunity to use the equipment at their gym. They have all sorts of cool stuff that we don’t have at home. Noah is working on his crawling right now. He does a pretty impressive scoot on his tummy, but we really want to get his stomach off of the ground so he can crawl on his hands and knees. Four point crawling is important for development for several reasons: developing core strength, balance, spatial awareness and hand-eye coordination to name a few. Noah inherently uses different muscles to compensate for his low muscle tone. For example, he draws a lot of strength from his arms and arching his back. These are habits we want to discourage in favor of using his core to stabilize himself. 

Hearing: As I mentioned in my last hearing update post, Noah received his very own Baha (bone anchored hearing aid) softband in August. Lately he has been doing such a great job keeping it on. At first he would grab at it all the time and we constantly had to adjust it. I’m not sure if he is used to it now or if he realizes he can hear better with it on, but I’m just glad he’s tolerating it so well! Every other week we get a visit from a Hearing Specialist through a program with Seattle Children’s Hospital. She brings books and toys for Noah to play with, and gives me ideas and tools to help him learn how to communicate. We are working on sign language, using sound cues to signal transitions to a new activity and songs with signs.

Feeding: This kid loves to eat, so we are grateful that’s not a problem. The second he is placed in his high chair, he wants food IMMEDIATELY or else you will hear about it. He gobbles down pretty much anything I put in front of him – fish, broccoli, any kind of fruit, eggs, even brussel sprouts! He loves Mexican, Indian, Thai and Ethiopian food. We’re still working on getting him to drink out of a sippy or straw cup consistently. He’ll take a few sips and then be done with it. He also has 11 teeth and judging by the constant drooling and chewing on everything in sight, I’m guessing he’s working on number 12.

Speech: Noah has really captured our hearts lately because he is becoming so expressive and communicative. He isn’t saying any words, but he has no trouble using facial expressions and gestures to convey what he wants. Case in point: He loves to play with his spoon during dinner. If you take away his spoon, he screams bloody murder and gives you the biggest pout you’ve ever seen. If you hand it back, he’ll immediately stop crying and give you a giant smile. He is definitely vocal, always babbling or yelling. We are hoping that translates into language soon!

Play: His current interests involve anything that his big brother has. If Landon is playing with it, Noah wants it. And usually vice versa. He loves knocking over towers of blocks, chewing on books, anything that makes music and playing peek-a-boo. Lately he is all about standing. If you sit on the ground across from him, he will immediately scoot over to you and reach for your hands to stand up. He is also very interested in our cat who surprisingly lets him get quite close to her and will even let him pet her briefly. Noah had his first swimming lesson last week, which was a trial run to see if he liked it. He seemed pretty overwhelmed by all of the noise and stimulation, but loved the water! He had lots of fun splashing and kicking around.

It has been so fun to see Noah’s development over these past 14 months and we are excited to see what the next few months bring! I had to include this cute photo Jessi took of Noah eating spaghetti - he sure loves his food.

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