18 Month Update

I can hardly believe Noah is already 18 months old. These past few months have flown by and Noah has changed a lot in such a short time. Here’s what’s new:

New Milestone: Noah is officially crawling on all fours! They call this four point crawling in the therapy world. I am so proud of him! Several months ago he realized his tummy scoot was not very efficient and has been crawling ever since. He’s also pulling himself up on everything and starting to cruise along the furniture. It is so exciting to celebrate his progress because he works hard at it.

Therapy: We had a big transition a couple months ago. Noah no longer receives in-home therapy. Instead he goes to “school” twice a week for 2 hours at a time. There are only 6 kids in his class ranging in age from 18 months to 3 years and about 8-10 adults. Talk about a great student-teacher ratio! A parent (or family member or nanny) attends class with each child, along with a dedicated teacher for his class, a student intern, volunteer and a number of therapists pulling the kids aside for various therapies. The class is broken into 30 minute increments and incorporates gym, music, snack and craft time, and free play. Noah really seems to be enjoying it so far! The first couple weeks were pretty tiring for him (and me), but he is getting into a good groove.

Sleep: We finally got the results of the sleep study, which confirmed that Noah has obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Mild sleep apnea is considered 0-5 periods of apnea (a pause in breathing) per hour and moderate is 5-10. Noah had an average of 10, so he is on the high end of moderate. The recommendation at this point is to have his tonsils and adenoids removed. I’m not looking forward to surgery and frankly the idea terrifies me, but the doctors are confident that this will help. Keep Noah in your prayers come April!

Hearing: Unfortunately, not much is new here. Noah had a hearing test several weeks ago and his level of hearing loss was essentially the same, although he did show slight improvement at several frequencies. The tympanogram still showed significant fluid in his ears, which is consistent with his last several tests. Luckily, still no ear infections! The next step is to get ear tubes put in, which will take place in combination with his tonsil/adenoidectomy.   

Feeding: Our previously fabulous eater has turned somewhat picky. He’s still a great eater, but I now realize how spoiled we’ve been. Up until the past couple weeks Noah would eat anything placed on his high chair tray. Now he’s become much more selective. Some foods that were his favorites are now apparently worthy of bursting into tears at the mere sight of them. I think Landon may be modeling some undesirable behavior. The other morning both children turned down bacon. Bacon! Turned up their noses at it like it was a brussel sprout, which ironically Noah ate enthusiastically that evening.

Speech: Noah continues to babble (and yell) nonstop and likes to say “da da” all the time. Sometimes it seems to be directed at Cameron, but we’re not calling it a first word quite yet. That’s going to be “ma ma” of course! We’re working on signs with Noah both at home and during speech therapy (which he started a few months ago). He does a version of “please” and “all done” that we can usually understand, but more often he moves other people’s hands to make signs. He knows “more”, “open”, “milk” and “food” among others. It’s interesting because he knows what the signs mean and can do them with his own hands, but he prefers to grab your hands and move them to do the sign. Noah is becoming quite expressive and is starting to mimic some sounds and facial expressions. It’s been great to see these steps of communication taking place!

Play: Noah still loves anything Landon is playing with, but his recent favorite is legos. He hasn’t mastered stacking them yet, but loves to pull the bin down from the shelf and scatter them all over the place. His absolute favorite toy (or so he thinks) is our cat’s water dish. He crawls over there as fast as he can and starts splashing in it or dumps it over.  He has gotten incredibly fast! I considered moving it, but it has proved to be a good teaching tool for him to learn “no”. He definitely understands what that means and does not like it. It has been fun and encouraging to watch him learn and begin to respond to commands. Just today Jessi showed me that he will move from his tummy to a sitting position when you ask him to sit or if you sign it. He will also give you a very wet, slobbery kiss on the cheek if you ask him for a kiss. It is about the sweetest thing you can imagine!

Despite the Seahawks’ Super Bowl loss, Noah still rocks his 12th man gear proudly.

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