About Us

We decided to start this website for several reasons. Primarily, we want to provide a place to update our friends and family about Noah’s development. We are greatly blessed to have many amazing people in our lives that care deeply about Noah and how he’s doing. We’d like to give people an opportunity to read about the details of his progress and also the concerns that we would love prayer for. Another reason for this site is for us to document our thoughts, feelings and responses to this unexpected turn that our lives have taken. Not only has it been a healing process to write our story, it is helpful to have a place to look back to remember those early months. Please feel free to post comments, thoughts and questions - we want to hear from you!

This is our firstborn, Landon. He turned 3 in June and is a pretty fun kid. He likes to talk…a lot. If you know Cameron at all, you know where he gets it. He’s our little bookworm, but he also loves kicking a soccer ball around (to his father’s delight). Landon’s favorite word right now is alternate and he tries to incorporate it to any conversation he can. Last week when I asked him to clean up his toys he said “But mommy, we are alternating and it’s your turn.” I can see we are in for some trouble with this one.

This little cutie is Noah. He surprised us by arriving 5 weeks early and with an extra chromosome. His Down syndrome diagnosis kind of rocked our world at first. The whole experience has shattered our definitions of disability, success and happiness (to name a few) in a good way. It has been hard…very hard, especially at first. But we are continuing to learn and grow every day. Noah is such a happy little guy and he is a true joy in our lives.

This is my rock, my amazing husband. Cameron has been incredibly positive and supportive throughout this journey. Although his constant optimism sometimes annoys me (come on, just let me be sad sometimes!), I am truly grateful for his perspective. He has a way of letting go and learning to enjoy the moment that is often hard for me. Cameron works at a social measurement company in downtown Seattle, a new job he started this year and so far loves. Although our lives have gotten exponentially busier with two little ones, he still manages to find time to play soccer, bike, golf and nerd it up with some video games from time to time.


This is me, Jessica. I love this photo because it captures such a precious moment between me and Noah, and also because it looks so quiet and peaceful which are things usually not present in a household with a toddler and a baby. When I'm not spending time with my boys, I work as a financial analyst at a nonprofit in Seattle. I'm a numbers person, which is why writing this blog has been a stretch for me. As I started thinking about what my hobbies are, I realized most of the activities that came to mind are ones I haven't actually done in over a year. Biking, running, reading, sleeping, traveling, finishing the MBA program at SPU. I listed them anyway, with the hopes that someday in the far off future when I have free time once again, I will get back into them. For now, I try my best to balance family, friends, faith and work, and enjoy the journey.

We hope you enjoy catching up with us!

the Voetmanns