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Jessi, our fabulous nanny, started a tradition of doing a “fancy lunch” for Landon every Monday. He LOVES it and her ideas are always super creative and incorporate healthy foods. I was working from home one day and got in on a fancy lunch – toasted bread with gorgonzola cheese, bacon, tomato and avocado. Delicious! Landon’s one lucky kid. Check out these photos of some recent lunches that Jessi posted.

Today's fancy lunch (we forgot on Monday) - Race Car theme! Apple and grape cars, quesadilla stop signs and a stop light of veggies and cheese. He was pretty excited! #landonsfancylunch

Part of #landonsfancylunch. Peanut butter, jelly, and cinnamon bear toast.

Today’s fancy lunch is a "Sun". He wanted breakfast food so we have scrambled eggs with tomato, mushroom and cheese surrounded by banana slices (he has to peel also working on motor skills). #landonsfancylunch

This week's #landonsfancylunch ....a pb&j owl with carrot and grape butterflies, orange sun and cucumber/veggie stick trees. Bonus picnic out in the sun!

Today's #landonsfancylunch is marine life inspired. We have a banana dolphin with grape beach balls, string cheese octopus swimming in blue(berry) water, and seashell pasta.

We forgot to have fancy lunch on Monday, so we had it today! Bacon, avocado and tomato bites. I asked him and if he could hold his cup and stick out his pinky..... clearly I needed to be more specific.

Today's Cinco de Mayo #landonsfancylunch is black bean nachos with watermelon lime aqua fresca

So many yummy options!


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November 22nd, 2014

11:48 pm

I love these healthy and fun lunches!

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