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Since most of my posts so far have been about Noah, I also wanted to include some updates about Landon. My sweet boy turned 3 in June and it has been so fun to see his little personality develop. He is loving, thoughtful, creative, energetic, curious and stubborn. He absolutely loves books, trains and superheroes right now. He likes to do "gymnastics", which means he puts one leg up onto furniture or gets into a downward dog position. His favorite thing to eat is peanut butter & jelly, which he would have every day if I let him. He started preschool two days a week and loves it. He is an amazing big brother to Noah and likes to play with him, bring him toys and help feed him. He is a little chatterbox and is constantly asking questions. Some that stump me. Mommy, why did God make vans that have sliding doors? Some that make me tear up. Mommy, why does Noah have to go to the doctor again? Some that are just plain cute. Mommy, do you know why I picked this flower for you? (The answer was, because I love you so much.)  And some that remind me how mothering boys is entirely new territory for me. Mommy, do you want to see how much I pooped? No, I really don't. And yes, I get asked this almost every day.

I have the most hilarious conversations with Landon. He is very logical and is able to articulate what he thinks quite well. It’s so interesting to get a glimpse into how his mind works. Here are a few of my favorites:

Today I was the caboose in the preschool line and my job was to make sure everyone was safe. It’s a pretty important job. I’m a pretty important guy.

This is a conversation that Jessi had with Landon. Clearly it’s time to introduce him to some female heroines. Any suggestions?

J:  Can girls be brave?      
L:  No.
J:  Well, what does it mean to be brave?
L:  It means you can do anything.
J:  So why can't girls be brave?
L:  Because they can't do anything.

My eyes are telling me to stay awake and I really can’t argue with them. -- I hear this one at bedtime a lot lately.

My lunch tummy is full, but I have a little room right here just for a snack. -- This was after he told me he was full from lunch and then asked for a snack. I said if he was hungry he could have more of what we had for lunch.

He also likes to make up words and definitions, so I am constantly learning a new language. For example:

Flyfaf:  A place where gentlemen like Daddy go to meet people and keep exploring and stuff.

Bocket:  It’s like a rocket, but it goes boom when it blasts off instead of 1-2-3.

Mr. Wigglesworth:  Apparently, this is the name of our future dog.

L:    Mommy, I know many languages.
Me:  Really...which ones?
L:    Like "glfras" and "tsuden" (continues saying nonsense words).
Me:  Wow (trying not to laugh).
L:    I also know "swishy".
Me:  Squishy?
L:    No.
Me:  Swooshy?
L:    No. Mommy (big sigh), you can't really say it very well.

Here are a few of my favorite video clips:

Landon playing the piano and singing The B-I-B-L-E


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October 22nd, 2014

3:34 pm

I love how much he is half Jess and half Cameron! He's an awesome big brother and his little personality is hilarious.
I'd suggest him watching "Brave" Disney movie...that fire ginger shows how girls are tough and hello...she's a ginger :)
P.S. He does have pretty sweet dance moves!

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